Hi! I’m Belinda and I’ve been teaching since I graduated from Australian Catholic University in 2009. The last few years I’ve been mainly teaching at Grade 5/6 level but at the moment, I’m working in the Open Access program at the State library of Victoria. It’s a fantastic program, supporting students from disadvantaged schools. Athough I’ve used various computer programs with my students, this is really my first foray into using Web 2.0 tools.

To tell you the truth, I’m a bit nervous! I’m also really excited at the prospect of learning how to use all these great new tools to both further my own professional knowledge and to create really dynamic student learning. Through the PLN Facebook page, I learned about the Classroom Collaborate webinars and was so excited to start learning about how I could use projects such as the GlobalSchoolto involve my students in the global education community.

I’m really glad to be widening my own personal learning network, which has so far mainly relied on school-based professional development courses, conferences and learning from other colleagues. I’m sure by the end of this term be feeling much more confident navigating these tools and really able to use them to connect with educators all over the world! And by the end of this year … well, who knows!